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Smith Laydown Trucks offer upto 20″ trough capabilities, a hydraulic rake system with automatic lubrication systems operated by our efficient & professional 2 men crews.


Smith Casing Crews can safely run casing from 2-7/8″ to 13-3/8″ on pulling units, kelly to top drive rigs.  Our units are equipped with 6 cylinder turbo diesel engines, remote kill switches and automatic throttles.



Smith Casing Services & Equipment  has accumulated a wide range of handling tools ranging from 2 3/8” up to 13-3/8”.  We offer both manual and pneumatic air tools. Our inventory includes slips, spiders, elevators, collars, thread protectors, and more.  Contact us today for more info.


MLT Rings

Multi Lobe Torque Rings

When you’re looking for an increase in torque, short lead time and reasonable cost, MLT Rings in conjunction with API Connections are the solution. Whether you need to ream casing to bottom, rotate during cementing, or drill with casing, MLT Rings enable success. They work in API Connections ‘as-is’. More MLT info here.


Casing Running Tools (CRT)

Getting safely to the bottom is the bottom line. If you can avoid stuck pipe, you can avoid extra costs and risks.  Volant’s Casing Running Tool allows you to reciprocate, rotate and circulate casing and liner strings, reducing non productive time and associated costs. It’s proven where the figures add up – in the real world of field operations.

Internal grip (CRTi) equipment is inherently compact and remarkably efficient. We offer our CRT service from casing ranging from 5-1/2″ to 9-5/8″


Torque Turn Service

Smith utilizes WINCATT® software and system to interacts with external control hardware to provide real-time monitoring and control of tubular connection power tong make-up. It allows us to easily specify make-up parameters, control the make-up process, and evaluate quality. Here is more info on the WINCATT® system.